Where can I find a weed abatement contractor?

We suggest tree services, mowing services or weed control services, which are listed in various yellow pages under these headings. We recommend getting three bids and making sure contractors are licensed and provide proof of Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance.

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1. Why did I receive a notice for my vacant, unimproved property?
2. I already cleared my property. Why am I still receiving this notice?
3. There is debris and garbage on my property, and I didn't put it there ' why am I responsible?
4. I no longer own the property, why was I sent this notice?
5. Where can I find a weed abatement contractor?
6. Do I have the right to an appeal hearing?
7. What will happen if I do nothing to the property and don't request an appeal hearing?
8. How do I know if a plant species is native?
9. My neighbor has combustible vegetation within 100' of my house. Can I clear their property?
10. What roads are subject to the 10' clearance of combustible native habitat requirements on either side?
11. What does it mean to maintain horizontal clearance of vegetation alongside a roadway?
12. What roads are subject to the 13' 6" vertical clearance requirements and what is included in this requirement?
13. How do I cut vegetation on hillsides when it exists to prevent erosion?
14. Can I burn vegetation?
15. Can I pile cut vegetation on site?
16. What does it mean to remove limbs within 8' of the ground?
17. What if my trees are not over 8' tall do I have to trim them?