What is Redistricting?

State law requires that City Council Districts must be redrawn every ten years, following each decennial Census, so that each district is substantially equal in population. This process, called redistricting, is important in ensuring that each City Council Member represents about the same number of constituents. Lake Elsinore Municipal Code Section 2.09.010 (ELECTIONS) established the five Council Districts of the City of Lake Elsinore and LEMC Section 2.09.028 addresses Adjustment of Council District Boundaries or Redistricting.

Redistricting is done using U.S. Census data, which is normally released around March 31st following each decennial census. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 U.S. Census and the resulting data were significantly delayed. The redistricting data that the City will use to consider changes to the five City Council Districts will not be available until around September 30, 2021. For the City of Lake Elsinore, the redistricting process must be completed by April 15, 2021.

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1. What is Redistricting?
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