How do I obtain City approval of my grading / drainage plans?

Review of plans for approval begins with submittal of a completed Grading Plan Check (PDF) or Drainage Inspection Application (PDF) together with the required documents and fees (PDF).

Upon receipt of the complete submittal package, the following occurs:

  • Plans are assigned for plan check to a City consultant plan checker. The plan checker has three weeks to complete the first review (21 days) and two weeks (14 days) to complete each subsequent review. Reviews are completed in the order received by the plan checker.
  • Plan checker sends completed reviews and associated corrections/comments directly to the engineer of work.
  • The engineer of work reviews corrections/comments and responds with a resubmittal directly back to the plan checker.
  • Plan checker completes review and technically approves the plans; approved plans are sent to the City.
  • City Planning Division reviews plans for compliance with design review and environmental requirements.
  • The City Engineer reviews plans for approval and permit issuance.
  • The engineer of work or applicant is notified of plan approval and to have copies run for construction purposes.
  • Applicant receives letter from City identifying requirements and providing documents necessary for permit issuance.
  • The applicant submits a completed Grading Permit Application (PDF) or Drainage Inspection Permit Application (PDF) with the required documents and fees (PDF) to the Engineering Division at the public counter.
  • Staff reviews permit application package and if complete, issues permit. (Applicant is notified of any incomplete items and resubmits at a later date.)

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