What type of construction is not approved through a Grading Permit?

Any work within the public right-of-way, swimming pools, retaining walls and structures. Even if such related work is shown on Grading Plans, applicants must gain separate approval for such work. An Encroachment Permit is required for work in the public right-of-way.

Visit the Building Division web page or at the public counter for permits related to structures, including pools.

Haul Route Permit: Hauling in excess of 2,500 cubic yards. Any person, firm, association or corporation moving or causing to be moved more than 2,500 cubic yards of earth material per project from or to the site of a grading operation on any public roadway within the City of Lake Elsinore shall obtain a Haul Route Permit and be subject to the regulations found in Lake Elsinore Municipal Code 15.72.065 (PDF).

Hauling in excess of 5,000 cubic yards requiring the use of City roadways shall be approved by the City Council at a public meeting of the City Council prior to permit issuance. The following documents are provided to assist you in this process:

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