How do I prepare a WQMP?

The Santa Ana Region Riverside County Water Quality Management Plan Guidance Document and Riverside County Drainage Area Management Plan (DAMP) are the regulatory documents that walk you through the process of how to develop your WQMP and select and design your treatment control BMPs.

It is important to determine whether or not your project requires a WQMP early in the planning process since the requirements may significantly affect site layout, drainage design and construction costs.


  1. Determine whether or not your project requires a WQMP by completing the WQMP Checklist (PDF).
  2. Review the Riverside County Water Quality Management Plan Guidance Document and Drainage Area Management Plan (DAMP) documents for requirements.
  3. Begin to plan applicable site design, source control and treatment control BMPs for the project.
  4. Download the WQMP Template to begin to prepare your WQMP. This comprehensive template
  5. is designed to assist the applicant in providing all required information for efficiency and
  6. minimization of review time.
  7. Submit a preliminary WQMP (PDF) to the Engineering Division at the same time you submit the Planning Application package to prevent changes at the final grading plan submittal which may delay your project and/or result in costly design changes.
  8. The final WQMP (DOC) shall be submitted for plan check review and approval prior to the grading permit process. No permits will be issued until the Final WQMP is approved. The grading plans must be prepared consistently with the approved Final WQMP.
  9. Once constructed, the Engineer of Record is required to complete a field inspection and complete the WQMP Construction Certification Form (PDF) to ensure that all structural BMPs have been installed properly and are functioning as intended. This certification is required prior to permit close-out and any associated bond release. Be sure your Engineer is involved during the construction process as necessary to enable him/her to provide this certification.

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