Why shop Lake Elsinore?

Shopping locally benefits YOU!

  • Your taxable purchases contribute to the general fund for city-provided services like police and fire, senior services, libraries, parks, street maintenance and street lights. 1% of gross sales generated in the City stays in the City.
  • Save time—our streets and freeways are becoming increasingly congested and can waste your time and gas. Stay in the City and take the time to explore the wide variety of goods and services right in your backyard.
  • Save energy—gas is expensive. A weekly trip even to a neighboring city adds up to an additional $10-$20+ per month in gas costs.
  • Improve the health of the local economy—when you shop locally first, jobs are created and sustained. It's good for local businesses and assures us a vibrant place to work and live.
  • Remember—every purchase made outside Lake Elsinore benefits another city's general fund.

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