What Can I Do?

Local shopping by residents can make a difference!

  • Shop Lake Elsinore! Lake Elsinore's diverse shopping includes quaint downtown shops, the Lake Elsinore Outlet Mall, major shopping centers and convenient neighborhood stores. Time is money. The less driving you do, the more money you'll save at the gas pump, and the more you have to spend on purchases.
  • Patronize your favorite businesses in Lake Elsinore as well as try new ones. Take the time to explore the wide variety of goods and services found here in your own backyard.
  • Buy closer to your Lake Elsinore home or workplace to minimize stress and maximize your time.
  • For larger taxable purchases such as appliances, building supplies and vehicles, shop and compare, and then ask your local Lake Elsinore business to match competitors' prices.
  • Save energy and relax by dining locally. Driving to the next town will use a gallon or more of gasoline and leave you less time to enjoy your dining experience. Stay close to home and you may save enough for an extra dessert or appetizer.
  • Try a new restaurant in Lake Elsinore. If you are like most people, you probably eat out several times per week. In just the past year, many new restaurants have opened in Lake Elsinore.
  • For a list of restaurants and fun things to do, check out our Dining Guide and Entertainment Guide.

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