What Can Businesses Do?

Our businesses can play a huge role in assisting to keep our City clean, beautiful and litter-free. By taking small steps, businesses can help inspire others and discourage littering in and around our community by taking our Clean LE Business pledge promising to take the following steps:

  • Empty Trash Cans Regularly. Check all public trash bins at least twice a day and empty as needed. There is nothing worse than having an overflowing trash can outside your business. When a trash can becomes too full, this can lead to unintentional littering in our community as the trash is blown away into public spaces.
  • Keep Your Property and Surrounding Areas Litter-Free. Inspect and take responsibility of your property and its surroundings by checking for and picking up litter on and around your property before and at the end of each business day. This includes the sidewalk in front of your business. By doing so, you can inspire other surrounding businesses and community members to take notice of their surroundings and follow your lead.
  • Offer Public Trash Disposal. If feasible, make a trash can readily available in your business or offer to dispose of trash if asked by a patron. If there is nowhere to properly throw away trash, it is likely patrons may choose to litter instead.
  • Encourage Others. Spread the word to surrounding businesses and encourage them to become a Clean LE business by taking a proactive approach to preventing littering in and around our community. Also, notify your neighbors if you see areas of concern.
  • Keep Your Business Clean and Litter-Free. Lead by example to encourage your surrounding neighbors and discourage the community from littering by keeping the exterior of your business clean and litter-free. This includes spraying down your walls and awnings, as needed, and regularly cleaning your entryway, windows, and doors.
  • Take the Clean LE Business Pledge and Post Your Sticker. Complete the Clean LE Business Pledge promising to love where you live and work. The City will recognize all participating businesses publicly at a City Council meeting and promote your commitment to keeping our community clean on social media. Take the pledge.

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