How is the Housing Element connected to the work the City has been doing on a General Plan Update?

The Housing Element is a required chapter of the City's General Plan. The General Plan is a city's constitution for future development. The general and specific policies of the General Plan serve as the basis for the City's land use decisions and provides to both the interested public and the decision-makers a practical and implementable policy vision for the future.

The City's current General Plan adopted December 11, 2011 has a 2030 planning horizon. In July 2020, the Lake Elsinore City Council adopted the Dream Extreme 2040 Plan as the City's first long-term strategic plan to assist the City in its pursuit of achieving its vision and to provide a framework to guide all decision-making over the next 20 years by identifying key Anchors, Aspirations, and Strategies. The City has started a review and update of the General Plan to extend its planning horizon to 2040 and to reflect the Dream Extreme 2040 Plan's vision.

State law requires that the General Plan contain a consistent set of goals and policies. Therefore, the Housing Element will be consistent with the policies contained in other elements of the General Plan. In addition to the preparation of the 2021-2029 Housing Element, the City is required to review and update as necessary the General Plan's Safety Element to address fire risk and other hazards and to adopt an Environmental Justice Element. The Safety Element review and update and the Environmental Justice Element will be incorporated into the 2040 General Plan.

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5. How is the Housing Element connected to the work the City has been doing on a General Plan Update?
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