What are the community identified spending priorities for Measure Z?

Through an extensive engagement effort, Lake Elsinore residents have identified the following City service priorities:

  • Providing quick responses to 911 emergencies
  • Providing fire protection and paramedic services
  • Fixing streets, sidewalks and repairing potholes
  • Keeping public areas clean, healthy and free of graffiti
  • Reducing gang activity and drug-related crimes
  • Preparing for public health crises, wildfires, natural disasters and other large-scale emergencies

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1. What is the Housing Element?
2. When was Lake Elsinore’s current 2014 to 2021 Housing Element prepared?
3. What are the items that the Housing Element covers?
4. What is the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) and how does it relate to the Housing Element?
5. How is the Housing Element connected to the work the City has been doing on a General Plan Update?
6. Why is it important for the City to have a State Compliant Housing Element?
7. Who prepares and certifies the Housing Element?
8. How can I get involved and provide comments and feedback on the Housing Element Update?
9. Will the Housing Element Survey results be available to the public to view?
10. If I was unable to attend the Let's Talk Housing, Lake Elsinore! Webinar, can I still view the workshop?
11. What is Measure Z?
12. How does Measure Z address current public safety needs?
13. Will Measure Z help prevent cuts in City services?
14. What are the community identified spending priorities for Measure Z?
15. What else is on the November 3rd Municipal ballot?