How does a complaint get processed?
  • After receiving a report of a possible code violation, a case is created and an inspection is scheduled with the area Code Enforcement Officer.
  • Within two business days, the assigned Code Enforcement Officer inspects or investigates the complaint to see if an ordinance or regulation is being violated. Immediate health and safety violations are handled immediately. If the violation or complaint involves another city department, it is referred to them for investigation. If no violation is found, the case is closed.
  • If a violation is confirmed, a Notice of Violation is posted, served or mailed to the responsible person(s) giving a specific time frame for compliance. Health and Safety violations must be corrected immediately.

After the time frame for compliance has expired, a re-inspection is conducted. If the violation(s) are/is corrected, the case is closed and no further action is necessary. If the violation(s) are/is not corrected, further enforcement action is taken which may include the issuance of a written citation. Administrative Citation fines can range from $100 to $500 per violation. Continued violations can result in multiple citations. Property maintenance violations may also be subject to Nuisance Abatement action by the city resulting in the city removing the violation and placing a lien against the property for all incurred costs.

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1. How does a complaint get processed?
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