Who collects the samples and conducts the testing?

The City contracts with WSP Environment & Infrastructure for sampling.  WSP prepares, packages, and overnights the samples to Greenwater Labs in Florida.  Test results are usually received within 3-5 business days of the collection date.  Testing is primarily for microcystin, the most common type of cyanotoxin in Lake Elsinore.  Other toxins might be assessed depending on current lake conditions.

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1. How often and where are lake samples collected for testing?
2. Who collects the samples and conducts the testing?
3. Are boats allowed on the lake when a “Danger” advisory is in effect?
4. At what advisory level is it safe to swim, jet ski, ski/wakeboard, or engage in other activities that result in contact with the water?
5. Is it safe to eat fish caught when an advisory is posted?
6. When is it safe for pets to go in the water?
7. What is the City of Lake Elsinore doing to reduce toxins from algae?
8. Is the LEAMS system operating and is it helping to reduce toxic algae blooms?
9. Why aren’t alum, copper sulfate, or other algaecide treatments applied to Lake Elsinore?