City Attorney

Legal Counsel to the City Council, Commissions, and Boards.


To provide the City with the highest level of legal advice and service to ensure the successful operation of the City.


The City Attorney is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Lake Elsinore City Council. Legal services are performed under contract with the firm of Leibold, McClendon, and Mann: 

Function & Duties

The City Attorney primarily acts as legal advisor to the City Council, the Successor Agency, and the Public Financing Authority.

In addition, the City Attorney provides legal services and advice to the City Manager, City departments, and all City commissions, committees, and boards. The City Attorney represents the City in litigation and directs the performance of legal services by outside counsel, and also oversees the civil and criminal prosecution of violations of City laws.

The City Attorney's office prepares and reviews resolutions and ordinances for City Council consideration, drafts, and reviews contracts, and issues opinions on a variety of municipal matters (e.g., zoning, procurement, and personnel matters). The City Attorney's Office does not provide legal advice to citizens.