Public Works


The Public Works Operations Department operates out of the City Yard located at 521 North Langstaff. The Department provides a broad base of services through its six divisions: Administration, Streets, Parks and Streetscape, Lake Operations, Facilities, and Fleet. Each staff member is assigned to a specific division and corresponding supervisor. However, the entire staff will perform work for a single division when necessary such as clean-up after a major storm event, or will work collectively for special events such as Winterfest or 4th of July.

The Public Works Operations Department maintains the City's: buildings and facilities, parks, medians, streets and signage, curb and gutters, sidewalks, trees in the right-of-way, catch basins and miscellaneous drainage facilities, fleet and equipment. The Public Works Operations Department responds to minor and major emergency situations, including severe storms, and provides 24/7 emergency response staff.

Mission Statement

Public Works Operations will provide services to the citizens, business communities, and other City departments of Lake Elsinore in a prompt, courteous, safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Public Works Operations, through its dedicated employees, maintains public infrastructure in a manner that respects the environment, and strives to provide quality services in a reliable, responsible and effective manner that enhances public trust and community pride. We shall be responsive to the changing needs of our City, and create an atmosphere that allows all employees to be innovative, to have pride in their work, professional growth, high self-esteem, and to be committed to excellence.

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