Tree Maintenance

Street Trees

The Public Works Department is responsible for the management and trimming of 6,273 street trees. Street trees are trees located adjacent to city streets within the public right-of-way. Staff trims approximately 1,600 street trees each year. Every street tree, therefore, is trimmed every 4 years.

Trees that are set in front yards behind the public right-of-way and on private property are the responsibility of the homeowner to trim and maintain. We ask that all property owners keep their privately owned trees trimmed in a manner to allow clearance along public sidewalks for pedestrians. A minimum clearance of 9 feet above the sidewalk is recommended

Palm Tree Preservation Program

The City has in place a palm tree preservation program. The purpose of the program is for the protection of the City's plant life heritage for the benefit of all citizens in Lake Elsinore. The City recognizes the value of significant palm trees within the City of Lake Elsinore as natural aesthetic resources, which help define the history and character of the City. All residents who wish to remove a palm tree that exceeds five feet in height measured from the ground at the base of the trunk to the base of the crown must obtain a palm tree removal permit prior to removal of the tree.

To obtain a copy of City Ordinance Number 1044 that establishes a program to protect and preserve the City's significant palms please contact the Community Service Department at 951-674-3124.

Palm Tree Removal Check List

  1. Identify if Tree is a "Significant Palm" if yes proceed with Permit Application
  2. Notarized written permission from land owner
  3. Show location of all significant palms proposed to be removed or relocated on a
  4. Plan or map survey with a certified engineers/surveyor's report identifying
  5. The property by street address and assessor's parcel number,
  6. The centerline of the street,
  7. The monuments establishing the property line, and
  8. The distance between each significant palm and the property line.
  • Identify each significant palm by species and approximate height and spread
  • Photographs of significant palm to be removed or relocated
  • Identify the proposed manner of removal, the proposed equipment to be utilized for removal and the planned truck/equipment route
  • Identify the species, number, and size of any proposed replacement palm trees
  • Describe the health of any significant palm declared diseased or dying and Variety by a written report from a certified Arborist
  • If a significant palm is proposed to be relocated o another location on the same property or within the City, then the relocation site shall be identified and site preparation and relocation methods described
  • Have the issued City permit available for review on-site during activity operations
  • Post a sign as prescribed by the City on each significant palm to be removed or relocated not less than seven days prior to such removal/relocation