Lake Elsinore Historical Society

Dedicated to preserving and proclaiming Lake Elsinore Valley's story

About the Historical Society

Founded in 1996, the Society is the curator of local artifacts and historic collections that connect us with the spirited past of the Lake Elsinore Valley. The public is welcome to visit the Society's two museums on Main Street. School and youth organizations are especially welcome.


Are you a local history buff? The LEHS welcomes new members.

Monthly meetings are held in the Museum and Research Library in the basement of the Cultural Center (entrance on West Heald).

Call for updated meeting schedule.


The Society curates one museum on Main Street, open to the public. Tours are available by prior arrangement.

Relighting Ceremony

Society officers join City Council members in a relighting ceremony for 17 renovated historical street lights along Lakeshore Drive. The project was proposed by the Society and funded by the City. The Society is working on many projects to preserve the best of the past.