CEQA Consultant List

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) (California Public Resource Code § 21000 et seq.) requires governmental agencies at all levels to identify any significant environmental impact of certain activities or projects (private or public) when these require discretionary review and approval by the Planning Commission or City Council. CEQA is triggered when development "projects" or activities may cause a direct physical change in the environment or a reasonably foreseeable indirect change in the environment.

CEQA Consultant Master List of City-Qualified Consultants

Some City of Lake Elsinore environmental documents are prepared by in-house staff, some by in-house staff with technical consultant support, and some by consultants with staff oversight. These decisions are made in consideration of the scope of a given document, in-house workload, and staff expertise. The City of Lake Elsinore requires that prior to the preparation of any documents pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the project applicant select a CEQA Consultant deemed qualified by the City.

In order to facilitate the selection of environmental consultants for projects within the City, the City of Lake Elsinore established a CEQA Consultant Master List of City - Qualified Consultants (PDF). The Planning Division updates this list on an as-needed basis.

For questions/comments regarding this list, email Richard J. MacHott or call 951-674-3124, ext. 209.