Murrieta Creek Multi-Use Trail

The City of Lake Elsinore is developing the Murrieta Creek Multi-Use Trail to connect you to the places you want to go!

When constructed, the trail will be approximately one mile for commuting, exercising, and enjoying! The trail connects the existing Levee Trail to the northwest to the Cities to the southeast - providing a convenient link between where you live, work, and play - including the Lake, and daily destinations near Diamond Stadium and even into Downtown.

Active LE is Lake Elsinore's community and Council-supported to get more residents traveling through our community by foot or bicycle, specifying routes to places of employment, recreation, education, and destinations that meet our community's daily needs. View the Active LE page. The plan prioritized the development of the Murrieta Creek Trail as an important link in the regional active transportation network. Funding for the design and construction of the project is provided through a Caltrans Active Transportation (ATP) grant.

Project Goals

  • Evaluate the environmental and cultural conditions
  • Engage community members to discover goals and stories
  • Identify priorities for trail alignment and experience
  • Design the trail based on goals and opportunities
  • Build the multi-use trail


Community Engagement Notices and Updates

The project team is currently evaluating the existing conditions in the project study area. The team will work with the community during the summer and fall of 2020 to determine options for the trail alignment. Following this process, the project team will develop preliminary engineering drawings, conduct environmental clearance, and polish the project in final design. The trail is anticipated to go into construction in late 2022 with completion mid-2023. All dates are tentative.

Vicinity Map

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