Unclaimed Money

The City of Lake Elsinore maintains a listing of unclaimed money, which includes uncashed checks. After three years, unclaimed items in excess of $15 must be published once a week, for two consecutive weeks, in a general circulation newspaper. In accordance with California Government Code Sections 50050 - 50056, if a claim is not made within the specified time period, the funds are transferred to the City's general fund.

Below is a listing of unclaimed checks that are three years old, which have never been cashed, and have not yet been transferred to the City's general fund. A party of interest may file an Unclaimed Money Claim (PDF) at any time until the date on which the money becomes the property of the City. Upon receipt of the information and documents required prior to the Escheatment Date, the City Manager or his designee may release the money to the depositor, heir, beneficiary, or duly appointed representative.

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