Citizen Corps

Preparing for A Disaster Takes a Village

Citizen Corps Seeks Volunteers

City view of Lake Elsinore"Experts say it is only a matter of time before our valley is shaken by a massive earthquake, seriously flooded or surrounded by wildfire."

Because the risk of a disaster is real, a permanent Citizen Corps program can improve the chances of an orderly recovery following disasters of all kinds. See FAQs for information.

The Lake Elsinore Citizen Corps program is outlined in the Citizen Corps Framework (PDF), which was approved by the Public Safety Advisory Commission and the City Council in 2008, and adds a new disaster volunteer element to the City's Emergency Preparedness Plan.

  • Adult Application (18 and over)
  • Youth Application (under 18)

If you live or work in the City and want to get involved in the Citizen Corps, please complete and submit a Volunteer Application above. Thank you for your interest!

Contact Information

If you have questions about the Lake Elsinore Citizen Corps, please email Ralph Mesa, Emergency Services Manager, or reach out via phone at 951-674-3124.