Mobile Businesses

Mobile businesses are required to properly manage water used to prevent pollutants from entering the storm drain system. Our storm drain system drains directly to the Lake.

Mobile businesses include:

  • Mobile auto washing/detailing
  • Equipment washing/cleaning
  • Carpet, drape and furniture cleaning
  • Mobile high-pressure or steam cleaning of parking lots and sidewalks

Mobile businesses that perform work within the City limits are required to obtain a business license and are governed by the City's Municipal Code and Ordinances.

How do you prevent waste water from entering the storm drain?

  • Always have a Spill Response Kit (PDF) on hand to clean up unintentional spills. There are many sources available on the internet, here are a few:
  • Use drip pans and place mats on the ground when making mechanical repairs to vehicles and equipment.
  • Store chemicals in leak-proof containers and keep covered when not in use.
  • Use mobile berms (PDF) to capture and direct waste water from washing activities to a sanitary sewer, landscaped are or soil.
  • Soiled carpet cleaning wash water should NEVER be dumped in the street. It should be filtered before being discharged into the sanitary sewer.
  • Review the City's Mobile Business handout (PDF) for more tips.

Additional guidance is available in the BMP Performance Library found at Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District website. Some of the handouts available include:

  • Outdoor Cleaning Activities and Professional Mobile Service Providers
  • SC-11 Spill Prevention, Control and Cleanup
  • SC-21 Vehicle and Equipment Cleaning
  • SC-22 Vehicle and Equipment Repair
  • SC-34 Waste Handling and Disposal
  • SC-35 Safer Alternative Products
  • SC-43 Parking/Storage Area Maintenance
  • SC-71 Plaza and Sidewalk Cleaning
  • SC-72 Fountains and Pools Maintenance

For additional information, questions, or to report any violations, contact the NPDES Coordinator at 951-674-3124, ext. 248.