Fire Plan Reviews

Our Fire Safety Specialists (plan reviewers) review plans and specifications to ensure they meet fire/life safety codes and local ordinances and standards. They examine commercial and residential plans to locate potential fire hazards and ensure the presence of adequate fire protection systems. Specialists may also suggest necessary changes and improvements to enhance fire safety on proposed or existing projects. 

Plan Review Requirements and Process

The Lake Elsinore Office of the Fire Marshal reviews several types of plans.  Plans shall be submitted via the City Citizen Self-Service Portal at Lake Elsinore CSS

Plan submittals shall include all necessary documents, including: Drawings, calculations, manufacturer specifications and any other related paperwork.  

Plan review fees will be required at the time of submittal and all plan reviews are processed in the order that they are received. 

Currently, the LEOFM does not have an expedited plan review process. 

Plan Review Turn-around Times

Plan reviews are all done in the order that they are received, and we do not currently have an expedited plan review process. 

Initial plan review submittals have a turnaround time of 14 days with resubmitted plans having a turnaround time of 10 days. 

For fees, please use this link

For questions, please call (951) 674-3124 to speak with a permit technician. 

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