Risk Management

The purpose of the Risk Management Division of the Administrative Services Department is to reduce the financial impact of claims, lawsuits, and employee injuries to the City; to reduce the corresponding frequency and severity of these events through the application of professional risk management practices, and to provide a safe environment for employees to work and the public to enjoy. Precautionary practices allow the Department to make funds available for other beneficial uses throughout the City.

The City of Lake Elsinore is a member of the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA), which is a self-insurance pool that provides liability protection for all of its members. Through the CJPIA, the City is able to procure General Liability, Workers' Compensation, Property, Crime, Environmental liability, and Special Events insurance coverage. CJPIA provides third-party claims administration through Carl Warren Co. to investigate and process claims.


A staff of professional claims adjusters investigates all claims and evaluates their merits under the applicable law. If you need to make a claim against the City, claim forms can be obtained by visiting the City Clerk's Office at city hall or downloading the Claim For Damages Form (PDF).

If you have caused damage to City property, if appropriate, please file a report with the Lake Elsinore Police Department, then contact the Finance Division to obtain the cost for the repair or replacement of City property and make arrangements for reimbursement. The cost estimation will be assessed by the Public Works Department for Streets and Parks, and other appropriate parties if necessary.

Workers' Compensation

All employers must provide workers' compensation benefits to employees who are injured or become ill as a result of their work activities. The California JPIA provides this coverage for its members. Workers' compensation benefits include all medical treatment necessary to cure or relieve the effects of the industrial injury, transportation costs for medical appointments, temporary disability payments, compensation for scheduled permanent impairment, death benefits, and vouchers for retraining if the employee is unable to return to his/her usual occupation.

The CALIFORNIA JPIA, contracts with York Risk Services to handle workers' compensation claims from inception to closing, and monitors the activities of its strategic partners contracted to carry out these responsibilities. Members need not worry about the details of administering and paying workers' compensation claims, thereby allowing agency staff and resources to focus on preventing the occurrence of claims in the first place.

Contractual Risk Transfer

The Risk Management Division works to reduce the City's exposure to liability claims and lawsuits arising from the activities and operations of independent contractors and vendors. To mitigate the exposure of uninsured loss to the City and its taxpayers, the division is responsible for assuring that independent contractors/vendors maintain appropriate insurance coverage and limits in compliance with the City's contract and permit requirements.

Safety & Loss Prevention

The Risk Management Division is also responsible for evaluating the safety and health of the working environments for the City's employees. Working together with City departments, the unit reviews potential problems with departmental operations and procedures to minimize potential risks for the City and improve safety for the City and its residents.