Substandard Property Maintenance

Boarded-up Home from House FireBroken Fence Next to HomeBlighted Properties occupied or abandoned, can cause a public nuisance in a neighborhood. They not only detract from the neighborhood visually but adversely impact property values as well. Abandoned buildings must be secured to prevent trespassing and vandalism. Sometimes all that can be done to make these places safe is to tear them down. Issues such as peeling and chalky paint, broken fences, windows and walls, bad roofs, and unfinished construction, are all violations of the code and are dealt with by Code Enforcement and the Building and Safety Division. Some of these issues can affect the welfare and safety of the occupants and others. Property owners who fail to maintain their property can face substantial fines, including nuisance abatement action by the City to force the removal of the nuisance. Such action can result in a lien against the property for all administrative and abatement costs. See Foreclosed Properties page for more details.