Graffiti Program

Preserving our City and neighborhoods through rapid response. Lake Elsinore has no tolerance for Vandalism and Graffiti Crimes.

What to Do if You See a Graffiti Vandalism Crime in Progress...

  1. For your safety, do not confront!
  2. Do pick up the phone and...
  3. Dial 911 if a crime is in progress, or
  4. Call non-emergency Sheriff Dispatch,800-950-2444 toll-free, or call 951-776-1099.
  5. Please do not call the local LEPD station number; this is a business line and is not for crime reporting.

Please note: To make a graffiti removal request, call our automated Graffiti Hotline at 951-674-2701, or report it via the Alert LE app on your mobile device or the Alert LE page.

The Graffiti Hotline above is available 24/7 for callers to record graffiti location information for removal by the Public Works Department. Call anytime, day or night.

The Graffiti Hotline is monitored by our Public Works staff during regular business hours. Graffiti incident information left by callers will be issued a work order for prompt removal.

For all other Public Works Department service requests, please call 951-674-5170.

Task Force Guides City's Anti-Graffiti Program

A Graffiti Task Force, comprised of the LEPD, Public Works, Code Enforcement, Parks Division, and Information Technology, is actively working to reduce vandalism and graffiti-related crimes against property. The Task Force is implementing a comprehensive graffiti action plan that focuses on increasing anti-graffiti education and prevention, as well as graffiti-related crime prevention, prosecution, and restitution efforts.

Lake Elsinore's Graffiti Prevention and Abatement Chapter 9.52 of the LEMC requires that graffiti be removed in a timely manner. If it is not, then the City Code Enforcement Division may issue a notice of violation.