Patrol CarThe Patrol Bureau responds to calls for police services placed to the LEPD, either through the 911 system or through non-emergency phones via the Dispatch Center. The patrol deputies handle the initial investigations of thefts, burglaries, robberies, assaults, and all other felony, misdemeanor, and public service calls.

Officers assigned to this bureau are supported by sworn supervisors (Sergeants), along with non-sworn support positions, who assist with the daily operations of the station. Together, they provide professional services to the citizens of Lake Elsinore. The Lake Elsinore Police Department supports and promotes the concept of "zone policing," which emphasizes interaction between the officers and the community to solve problems. This is accomplished by the assignment of officers to regular beats, providing them with equipment, training, and other resources to handle calls for services. Within the assigned beat areas, the patrol officer's primary responsibility to the community is to prevent crime through the use of proactive and preventative patrol.