Traffic Engineering

The City of Lake Elsinore recognizes that the manner in which people move within and through the City is a major part of maintaining a quality living environment. The City intends to develop an efficient transportation and circulation system that will protect and enhance the environmental quality of the community and the region.

To notify the City Traffic Engineer about a traffic situation you want evaluated for change, call the City's traffic hotline at 951-674-3854 or email the Traffic Engineer.

The roadway system forms the core of the City's circulation infrastructure and consists of 7 classifications:

  • Augmented urban arterial (State Highway): 6 lanes and a median, 134 feet of right-of-way
  • Urban arterial: 6 lanes and a raised median, 120 feet of right-of-way
  • Major: 4 lanes and a raised median, 100 feet of right-of-way
  • Secondary: 4 lanes and a median, 100 feet of right-of-way
  • Collector: 2 lanes, 68 feet of right-of-way
  • Divided collector: 2 lanes and a median, 78 feet of right-of-way
  • Special new roadway (Country Club Heights): undefined

The Circulation Plan (PDF) identifies these 'circulation' element streets. More information can be found in the General Plan at Chapter 2.1 or by contacting the City Traffic Engineer.

Transportation Permits allow for the regulation of oversize and/or overweight truck traffic throughout the City. This is important because it allows staff to maintain circulation for conventional vehicles and to minimize the potential for damage to City infrastructure. The Municipal Code at Chapter 10, Vehicles and Traffic details the City's regulations regarding truck routes (PDF) and oversize/overweight vehicles.

A Transportation Permit is required for movement on City roads all vehicles exceeding the limits of a legal load as defined by the California Vehicle Code:

  • 14 feet 0 in. Height
  • 12ft 0 in. Width
  • 65ft. 0 in. Length
  • 80,000 lbs Gross Weight

A permit can be obtained in one of the following ways:

  • Via CSS Portal: Submit the completed application and insurance certificate to the Engineering Department, under Apply For All Permits - Engineering.
  • Via a Permit Service: Experienced personnel who charge a fee to obtain a permit for their client. Recommended for applicants who are not familiar with program requirements.

Engineering staff do their best to issue the permit the day the completed application package is received, however 24 hours notice is preferred.

The bikeway system encourages bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation. The existing and proposed routes of bike paths are broken down into classifications:

  • Class I Bikeway Bike paths or trails have a completely separated right-of-way for the exclusive use of bicycles.
  • Class II Bikeway Marked Bike lanes typically in the paved roadways that provide a restricted right-of-way for the exclusive or semi-exclusive use of bicycles with restricted vehicle parking and vehicle/pedestrian cross flows.
  • Class III Bikeway Bike routes use shared right-of-way with pedestrians and/or vehicles.
  • Multi-Purpose Paths or trails available for joint bicycle, pedestrian, and equestrian use that may or may not be separated or paved.

More information about the City's bike routes can be found in the General Plan (PDF) at Chapter 2.4.3.

Web service and Telephone Service and 511 phone service are one-stop phone and web service for transportation information in Southern California's Inland Empire. Both the website and telephone service are owned and operated through a partnership of the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) and the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG).


  • Users can now call 511 from any phone in Riverside County and San Bernardino County, or click on the web, and get all of the information they need to plan a trip, avoid congestion, and increase their mobility no matter where they are going in Southern California.

IE511 is a toll free number and is available at no additional charge other than users' regular phone carrier contract charges. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.